Horizontal Honing Machines


Machines for honing light workpieces up to 1 kg and up to 40 mm hole diameter for the 20-S version and up to 100 mm hole diameter for the 1660 and 30-S versions.

The DHM series of semi-automatic horizontal honing machines represents the combination of advantages and different customer needs from around the world. Significant improvements have recently been implemented in the structure, functionality, long-term operational stability and reliability of the machines.
These honing machines are particularly suitable for honing process holes with medium/small diameters from 3 mm to 100 mm.


Diametro lappatura
Honing range
2.5-100 mm 2.5-40 mm 40-100 mm
Velocità Mandrino
Spindle Speed
10- 2500 rpm 10- 2500 rpm 10- 600 rpm
Potenze motore
1,5 kw 1,5 kw 2,2 kw
Lunghezza corsa
Stroke lenght
No 160 mm 160 mm
Velocità corsa
Stroke speed
No 80-400 cicli/min 80-400 cicli/min
Potenza motore corsa
Stroke Power
No 0,75 kw 0,75 kw
Pompa olio raffreddamento
Cooling tank volume
90W 25 l-/min 90W 25 l-/min 90W 25 l-/min
Potenza totale
Total power
1.5 kw 2.5 kw 2.5 kw
Volume serbatoio raffreddamento
Cooling tank volume
120L 120L 120L
Dimensioni (LUN x LAR x H)
Size (L x W x H)
1350*1000*1250 mm 1350*1040*1367 mm 1350*1040*1367 mm
Peso macchina
480 kg 560 kg 560 kg
Tensione Elettrica
Electric Voltage
380 V 50 hz 380 V 50 hz 380 V 50 hz


Work Area
1. Standard cooling tank: 300 L, filter with magnetic separator
2. Optional DNO-A, belt filter with magnetic roller

Motor power: 4.2 kW, Stroke speed: 1-40 m/min

Electrical Control System
Siemens S7 Series PLC control system

Workpiece Fixing
1. Standard V-clamping
2. Maximum diameter of clamped workpiece 550 mm.
3. Chain vice

1. Motor power: 5.5 kW. Spindle speed: 10-350 rpm
2. Three-phase transmission and variable speed motor with friction clutch

1. Automatic stone expansion
2. Setting the working load with safety limits and alarm

Cooling System
1. Standard cooling tank: 300 L, filter with magnetic separator
2. Optional DNO-A, belt filter with magnetic roller

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