The DVSS (Damec Vertical Single Stroke) series vertical honing machine for precision hole honing is a great product that we have developed basing on our decennial experience. The equipment is composed of a siemens PLC device, servo turntable cam, steel-structured machine body, lifting system, cooling system and other advanced devices.
When matched with single pass honing tools, it has a high honing precision,a high working efficiency, easy operation and requires very little maintenance, making it suitable for the batch production of parts with high precision holes, especially in gears and parts that have strict requirements for the honing precision with only one honing operation.

It requires very little maintenance for its steel operating area, as it is resistant to corrosion, colorfast, and it is safe to operate while keeping the workplace clean.

It is capable of storing several setup programs for multiple parts.

As it comes equipped with a lifting system that consists of ball screws and a linear guide, it is easy to set the vertical height.

The steel plate on the vertical honing machine ensures that parts is firmly clamped.

Technical Date:

Ø Honing Range Ø10-50mm
Spindle Speed 1-1500 RMP
Spindle Motor Power  4KW/5.5KW
Quantity of Spindle  4/6
Stroke Speed  0-105 mm/sec
Spindle Stroke  720 mm
Stroke Motor Power 2.5 KW (AC Servo Motore)
Turntable Speed 0-3 m/min
Motor Indexing Mechanism  0.75KW
Abrasive Code Grit Size
D 1 60-70
D 3 100-120
D 5 200-230
D 7 240-300
D 8 325-400
D 0 600
D 00 1200