DHM series (Damec Horizontal Machine) Semi-Automatic Horizontal Honing Machine is combined with the advantages of various kinds of honing machine in the world, they have significant improvements in the structure, function, long-time working stability and reliability. Especially suitable for Processing Small bore.


1. With the universal clamps applicable to most of parts.
2. Used for processing the precise size and precise geometric accuracy.
3. Can reach any surface roughness request.



1. Single guide track.
2. Adjust the stroke position on the processing.
3. Optional Automatic Size Control.

DHM-20 Video

1. Higher power and speed than the DHM-1660.
2.The electrical zero control can execute a better dispersity of hole diameter.
3. Machine shell casting as a whole ,much sturdier than others.

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1. The power is more than DHM-20.
2. Honing size is more than DHM-20.
3. The other information is same as DHM-20.


The Technical Date of Each Type:

DHM-16 DHM-18 DHM-20 DHM-30
 Ø Honing Range  2.5-60 mm  2.5-50 mm  2.5-40 mm  40-100 mm
Spindle Speed  250-2500 RPM  250-2500 RPM  250-2500 RPM 250-600 RPM
Stroke Length  0-160 mm  5-180 mm  10-200 mm  10-200 mm
Spindle Motor  1.5 kw  1.5 kw  1.5 kw  2.2 kw
Stroke Speed  80-400 times per min.  80-400 times per min.  80-400 times per min.  80-400 times per min.
Stroke Motor  0.75 kw  0.75 kw  0.75 kw  0.75 kw
Cooling oil Pump  90W 25l-/min  90W 25l-/min  90W 25l-/min  90W 25l-/min
Total Power  2.5 kw  2.5 kw  2.5 kw  3.2 kw
Cooling tank Volume  80l  120l  120l  120l
Dimension  1350x1000x1250 mm  1350x1040x1367 mm  1350x1040x1367 mm  1350x1040x1367 mm
Weight  480 kg  560 kg  560 kg  560 kg
Electrical Request  380V 50HZ  380V 50HZ  380V 50HZ  380V 50HZ