High Accuracy: The machine provides Automatic or manual high accuracy in three different positions: upper, lower and middle.

As both the spindle motor and the stroke motor are variable frequency motors, the honing equipment has a stepless speed adjustment function. The stone feeding speed and the honing speed can be adjusted automatically depending on the stone properties.

The non-stop and time controlled operation modes and the short-pause at three different positions (upper, middle, lower) ensures a highly accurate control over the honing precision.

AS it equipped with a PLC device and a touch screen monitor that displays real time date in regards to the working status.

During the Honing operation, the stone is automatically fed in order to ensure the highest honing efficiency.

The non-stop and time controlled operation mode to make the honing size more accurate.

The Frequency converter and Variable Frequency motor of Spindle and Stroke is independent.

Technical Date:

Spindle Motor Power 2.2 KW
Speed Adjust Range 90 – 350 RPM
Stroke Motor Power 0.75 KW
Speed Adjust Range 40 -80 RPM
Stroke Length 0 – 225 mm
Maximum Load for Working Table 680 KG
Maximum Dimension for Working Table 1168x558x673 mm
Oil Pump Motor 2.2 KW
Honing Oil Volume  206 L
Power Supply  220V 50HZ
Boundary Dimension 2280x1842x2198 mm
Net Weight  861 KG
Shipping Weight  1134 KG
Color Pearl