Vertical honing machine with automatic movement of the axis

The new vertical honing machine DCB 530 was born from the request of a more demanding market place in terms of precision, reliability and use facility with a very beautiful design.

DAMEC has combined all the features to introduce a new product into the national and international market in order to satisfy all the needs and requests thanks to its technology and competitive price.

The areas of application of the new DCB 530 are: automotive, aeronautic, hydraulic, oil-hydraulic industry and sectors where precision honing of inner bores is essential in the process of working.

Technical Date:

Workable diameters 20-300 mm
Max. weight on table 800 kg
Max. bore length 500 mm (standard) – 520 mm (opzionale)
Axis X (length-speed) 1050 mm – 0.05-5m/min
Axis X power 1 kW, 4,78 Nm
Axis Z (height-speed) Superiore a 620mm, 1-40m/min
Axis Z power 4.08 kW, 26Nm
Press power Max. 750Kg
Motor spindle power 5.5 kW, 38Nm
Spindle power 50-400 rpm, 200Nm
Expansion engine 0.4 kW, 1.27 Nm
Expansion speed Max. 100 Nm
Coolant pump motor 0.25 kW, 100L/min
Size 2370x2050x2330 mm
Worktable 1700*800 mm
Net wight 1500 KG
Power 380V – 50 Hz – 3 Ph – 25°
Cooling filtration tank to order separately