01 Honing Machines

Our honing machines are combined with the advantages of various kinds of honing machines in the world, there are significant improvements in the structure and in its functions, we’ve improved the long-time working stability system and the reliability of machines.

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02 Honing Stones

Our stones are highly efficient, they have a high honing precision, a fine finishing and a reliable repairing performance due to the premium abrasive form with advanced formula and processing technology. The most commonly used abrasive materials include Diamond, Cubic Boron Nitride, Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide .

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03 Honing Tools

We have developed several models according to the different hole dim. Each model is comprised of a mandrel, an adapter, a wedge, a stone retainer, a truing sleeve, an alignment sleeve and a stone. All of these parts are well assembled and driven by a honing machine, and each cooperates with each of them to process hole as precisely as possible.

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04 Brushes

Our brushes are made for flaring holes or surfaces and they can be applied in different industrial fields from oleodinamic to carpentry, from glass processing to ceramics or precision mechanics. Brushes made of from silicon carbide, zirconia or diamond, are greatly improve the roughness of surfaces, bringing better mechanical connections between the different parts of the machine.

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Vertical Honing Machines

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LH Series

LH Series vertical honing machine, it equipped with a PLC device and a touch screen monitor that displays real time date in regards to the working status. During the Honing operation, the stone is automatically fed in order to ensure the highest honing efficiency.


LDH Series

The LDH series honing machine is a great product that we have developed basing on our decennial experience. The equipment is composed of a siemens PLC device, servo turntable cam, steel-structured machine body, lifting system, cooling system and other advanced devices.

Horizontal Honing Machines

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WH Series

WH series Semi-Automatic Horizontal Honing Machine is combined with the advantages of various kinds of honing machine in the world, they have significant improvements in the structure, function, long-time working stability and reliability. Especially suitable for Processing Small bore.
industrial (40)
DWH Series

DWH series deep-hole Honing Machine adopt servo motor rotation gear rack mechanical feed mode, the high precision of the servo motor resolution can be precisely controlled feeding. Pinion and rack self-locking function, on the other hand, can effectively repair the inner hole accuracy and energy consumption will be reduced.

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Animex conceives, develops and manufactures unique and efficient honing solutions, customized according to customers’ needs. Animex products are delivered ready for use: no setup nor adjustments are required. Animex products are suitable for all existing honing machines.


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